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Breach of access. If you spend $10,000 on an awareness program and expect it to completely stop tens of millions of dollars in losses, you are a fool. The Digital Attack Map tracks DDoS attacks with data from Arbor's ATLAS threat intelligence system. Jun 27, 2017, 21:47 PM IST The recent ransomware attacks targeting systems across the country are the latest in a string of attacks affecting State and local government partners. Combined with other high-profile Russian hacking from 2017, like the NotPetya ransomware attacks, the grid penetrations were a sobering revelation. The company recently estimated the cost of the breach at $162 million. Since most of these attacks are made for financial profits or to destroy a brand’s reputation, it has now become an urgent need for corporates as well as the Government to prioritise cyber Numerous cyber attacks in recent years have targeted common household devices, such as routers. If $10,000 prevents $100,000 in loss, that's a 10-fold ROI. Shutterstock April 17, 2018 The public has a vital role to play in preventing future cyber attacks “Hydro subject to cyber-attack,” warned Oslo-headquartered Norsk Hydro ASA, one of the world’s biggest aluminum producers, on Tuesday. Security researchers with Kaspersky Lab have recorded more than 45,000 attacks in 99 countries, including the UK, Russia, Ukraine, India, China, Italy, and Egypt. August 23, 2018Mohit Kumar. 4M records breached in UnityPoint Health phishing attack. Most businesses did not report cyber attacks to law enforcement authorities. In addition, disruption to normal operations cost an average of $955,429. While more sensitive information such as credit card data and driver’s license numbers were kept safe, email addresses and passwords can still prove valuable for cyber thieves. 12. All the latest news about Cyber-attacks from the BBC. Symantec found that ransomware attacks have increased by 35 percent. The ThreatConnect platform provides a single place for all members of your security team to come to work. Ransomware is not only widespread, to a cybercriminal it can also be a wildly successful way to hold your digital life hostage for financial gain. This is the second breach for the health system this year, and the biggest health data breach of 2018 in the U. A ransomware cyber-attack that may have originated from the theft of “cyber weapons” linked to the US government has hobbled hospitals in England and spread to countries across the world. Countries also get involved in so-called state-sponsored cyber attacks, where they seek to learn classified information on a geopolitical rival, or simply to “send a message”. Cyber criminals hit the jackpot when they gained access to over 150 million usernames, emails and passwords in February of 2018. According to local authorities, this is the third cyber attack the country has faced in just over a year. This figure is likely to grow in the next few days – so be sure to check back soon. DMARC is an email authentication standard designed to eliminate phishing and other types of attack that use spoofing to misrepresent an email sender identity. Data Breach - Get recent Information Security Breaches News. It follows a string of missile launches by North Korea in recent weeks, with the  Jun 12, 2019 2019 is already proving a fruitful year for hackers with millions of records stolen, medical data leaks, and credit card data theft. 59% of companies experienced malicious code and botnets and 51% experienced denial of service attacks. S. From individuals’ personal information to confidential industrial product data, the field is vast and the consequences can be multiple: impersonation, banking data fraudulent use, blackmail, ransom demand, power cuts, etc. The Hacker News is the most popular, trusted cybersecurity and hacking news source for everyone, supported by hackers and IT professionals worldwide. the Taliban -led insurgency, as demonstrated by recent attacks in the city. Here are the biggest data breaches and cyber attacks reported in 2017, and what they can teach your small business about network security. Cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure are vulnerable to a wide range of risk stemming from both physical and cyber threats and hazards. Cyber-physical attacks More hacks targeting electrical grids, transportation systems, and other parts of countries’ critical infrastructure are going to take place in 2018. Virgin Islands' government offices have been hit by cyberattacks, causing substantial financial and operational disruptions. The maps described here are an often overlooked tool that can help IT and cyber security professionals better secure their networks and prevent hackers from infiltrating their systems. Let’s examine eight of the most common cyber attacks that your business could face and ways to avoid them. 'Cyber Attacks' - 259 News Result(s) Russia Targeted By 25 Million Cyber-Attacks During World Cup: Putin. Sign up to be alerted when attacks are discovered. companies that experienced recent security  Ever-more sophisticated cyber attacks involving malware, phishing, machine learning According to a recent report in The New York Times, even America's  Alleged Iranian hacker who aided cyber espionage attacks on the US unmasked conceal malware in an attack – have been used in cyber espionage attacks  Jun 23, 2019 Current and former U. Cyber attacks are malicious Internet operations launched mostly by criminal organizations looking to steal money, financial data, intellectual property or simply disrupt the operations of a certain company. Nearly 60% detected one or more types of cyber attack. The sophisticated phishing attack has affected prospective undergraduates and a number of current   Mar 30, 2018 The city of Atlanta has entered its eighth day crippled by a cyber attack. In this timeline I have collected a total of 69 events, so the overall level of activity continues to be pretty sustained. 6 live cyber attack threat maps in 2019. T-Mobile today confirmed that the telecom giant suffered a security breach on its US servers on August 20 that may have resulted in the le Check Point's Live Cyber Attack Threat Map provides real-time tracking of cyber attacks as they're launched around the world. June 2016– The same month details of another cyber attack came into light. This page is your source for all the latest news and expert analysis concerning recent malware attacks,  Stay up to date with cyber attacks news and whitepapers. 3. Kirstjen Nielsen: The US needs private sector help to combat cyber threats. Microsoft president: Russians targeting all political sides - MSNBC. ". Denial-of-service and distributed denial-of-service attacks. SUCURI shows you data about WordPress brute force attacks. Read our list of all the data breaches and cyber attacks that were reported in January 2019, when 1,769,185,063 data records were leaked. Malware, pharming, phishing, spamming, spoofing, spyware, Trojans and viruses. When it comes to real-time cyber attack maps, some are funny, some seem ominous, and all of them tell a story that words alone cannot: cyber attacks never stop. Dec 4, 2018 While news of Marriott's and Quora's massive data breaches have made the media rounds over the last week--affecting a combined 600 million  Welcome to CrowdStrike's Cyber Attack News page. List of data breaches and cyber attacks in March 2018. . “Hydro has isolated all plants and operations and is In a phishing attack, an attacker may send you an email that appears to be from someone you trust, like your boss or a company you do business with. Review our list of recent security threats—both internal and external—to stay ahead of future cyberthreats. Survey: More Than 8 in 10 Fell Victim to Phishing Attacks in 2018. See recent global cyber attacks on the FireEye Cyber Threat Map. The next cyber attack in Saudi Arabia could be deadly, experts say. cyber strike, which came Thursday in response to Iran downing It was also good the attack appears not to have caused any collateral . Cyber attacks are becoming more common every year as more and more devices are connected to the internet. Sep 30, 2018 It could very well be a cyber attack from an imposter. g. Cyber Attack #6: WordPress Specific Attacks Given that WordPress powers approximately 30% of the internet , it should come as no surprise that WordPress security attacks are increasing in number. Operation Shady Rat. US 'launched cyber-attack on Iran weapons systems' Democratic National Committee cyber attacks, against the Democratic National Committee by the Russian-sponsored cyber-espionage groups Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, possibly to assist Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. T-Mobile Hacked — 2 Million Customers' Personal Data Stolen. Cyber security 101: Protect your privacy from hackers, spies, and the government a spate of ISP and Internet infrastructure attacks emerged. All government services of Sint. Yes, I said fax… This month I count 20,836,531 records leaked. The recent WannaCry and NotPetya attacks have taught us several important lessons to keep in mind as we look to improve our own cybersecurity defenses: The threats weren’t necessarily new. Help · About Wikipedia · Community portal · Recent changes · Contact page  May 6, 2019 Recap and updates of cyber attacks and incidents first half of the year Story Update: According to a more recent article published on May 2nd  All the latest breaking news on Cyber attack. Sign up to be alerted when attacks are discovered and keep your organization's data protected. fraudulent activity has been detected on your account). An ongoing series of cyber attacks that started in mid-2006, Operation Shady Rat have hit at least 72 organizations worldwide including the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations, businesses, and defense contractors. April 2018. An open letter answering the concerns you may have regarding the recent reports of TeamViewer accounts being hijacked and recent cyber attacks. government and In recent weeks, hackers believed to be working for the Iranian  Dec 26, 2018 Cyber breaches have been a gigantic thorn in the global economy for News of high-profile cyber breaches has been uncharacteristically subdued in recent they simultaneously move into the “target zone” of cyber attacks. There’s a mixture of incidents in there, from a rogue employee to someone accidentally sending information to the wrong fax number. Discovered by Dmitri Alperovitch, Vice President of Threat Research of McAfee in 2011, The Iranian-linked hacking group was also behind recent cyber attacks against more than 200 government agencies worldwide, oil and gas companies, technology companies and other targets. Here's What to Know About the Practice. Pay the ransom, or lose you irreplaceable data. Jun 21, 2019 Security firms see spike in Iranian cyberattacks the companies that have reported seeing an uptick in recent weeks for the exploits, which use  More advanced and sophisticated cyber attacks may strike at the core of your business. Here are some of the major recent cyber attacks and what we can learn from Here’s the second timeline of March, covering the main cyber attacks occurred in the second half of this month (plus several additional events occurred in the previous fortnight, but published later). Cyber Attack. There is no evidence that the latest Russian hacking attacks against U. We focus on cyber attacks on government agencies, defense and high tech civil defense agency announced that the country had recently neutralized a new,   Sources confirmed to the BBC that the UN was investigating 35 cyber-attacks. Fears of a major cyber attack on banks have been rising since hackers successfully stole nearly $100 million from Bangladesh’s central bank in February 2016. Malware attack on UVA Health gave hacker access for 19 months by Jessica Davis February 22, 2018 The Charlottesville-based provider discovered the breach in December 2017 and has been working with the FBI on its investigation. We know that the current hybrid cyber warfare plays on many levels,  Mar 17, 2019 Bloomberg News gathered data on major security breaches involving corporations and other organizations over the course of more than a  The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is aware of a In the wake of the recent shootings in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, the Cybersecurity and Exchange server 2013 and newer are vulnerable to NTLM relay attacks. Senate offices or American-based think tanks were successful, Microsoft Corp's Brad Smith said on Tuesday, adding that the hackers are targeting "everyone across the political spectrum. China, United States and others. 1. What is it? Malware is an all-encompassing term for a variety of cyber threats including Trojans, viruses and worms. Browse The Independent's complete collection of articles and commentary on Cyber attack. FEATURES, INSIGHTS // Virus & Threats. Jul 15, 2019 Initial news reports on the recent ransomware attack leveled against the city of Baltimore erroneously claimed that the ransomware leveraged  Jun 19, 2019 Cyber attacks are one of most significant risks facing the world today - and thanks In recent years, we have witnessed digital assaults against  May 6, 2019 As cyber thieves become more sophisticated, it seems no one is safe from attack. “Hydro has isolated all plants and operations and is The cyber attack map from Arbor Networks is a hybrid map that was created in part with Google Ideas. (Infographic) The study of more than 4,000 organizations across the US, UK, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands found that most organizations are unprepared (cyber novices) and would be seriously impacted by a cyber attack. WordPress is generally secure out of the box, but as a site gains more traffic and notoriety, hackers will resort to increasingly sophisticated methods to take down WordPress sites. That's why DHS launched a platform to help the private sector join the battle. Shortly after that incident, Russian central bank officials disclosed that hackers stole more than $31 million (two billion rubles) from the country’s central bank and commercial banks. Cyber Espionage is the main element of this timeline, with at least two remarkable operations: the indictment of the two members of APT10, the state-sponsored actors behind Operation Cloudhopper, a long last campaign against MSPs worldwide, and the discovery of a massive spying operation, once again allegedly orchestrated by Chinese actors, against the diplomatic communication network for the European Union (COREU). The industry saw several mega attacks that included sophisticated DDoS attack methods. Cyber Crime news and press releases. A further 185,000 customers might have had their personal details stolen Techopedia explains Cyberattack. Small Business Cyber Security Attack Statistics. Gartner recently stated that worldwide security spending will rise to  Jan 31, 2017 Cyber attacks are top of mind today, with recent news about high profile incidents involving the Democratic National Committee and Yahoo  Dec 16, 2018 Invest in cybersecurity services that can analyze their current IT infrastructure and find solutions to improve network security using the latest  Jan 29, 2018 Cyber attacks and data breaches in businesses have almost role due to the recently discovered Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities where  Jan 15, 2018 From the spread ransomware attacks to targeted data breaches, no business is safe from the hands of a hacker. Accessibility links. The Hacker News — Most Popular Cyber Security, Hacking News Site: Cyber Attack. Cyberattacks are malicious attempts to access or damage a computer system. Organizations will face cyber security threats in eight key areas in 2019, according to a newly released report from global consulting firm Booz Allen. Protect Myself from Cyber Attacks. It was a DDoS attack which lasted And NATO is not immune. Cyber attacks-as-a-service will be more common in 2019, as owners of botnets will try to monetize their network instead of just plainly attacking a particular site or webserver for DDoS purposes. 9 percent. SUCURI. Russia`s top oil producer Rosneft said a large-scale cyber attack hit its servers on Tuesday and computer systems at some banks and the main airport in neighbouring Ukraine were also disrupted. DHS’s National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) is a 24x7 center responsible for the production of a common operating picture for cyber and communications across the federal, state, and local government, intelligence and law enforcement communities and the private sector. Cyber attack - latest news, breaking stories and comment All the latest news about Cyber-attacks from the BBC. July 1, 2019. We take a look back at 2017 to  Jul 1, 2019 We all know that cyber-attacks, hacking and data breaches aren't on what's recently been happening in the world of cyber security and data . African bank foils suspected North Korean cyber attack - Cyber security news - Cyber Data  Cyber attacks and exploits and major security breaches in Current Conversations . Russia was the target of almost 25 million cyber-attacks during the World Cup, President Vladimir Putin said, though he did not indicate who may have been behind the attacks. Most Wanted Larned Man Sentenced for Attacks on Internet Service Provider. 79 percent of attack came from Asia Pacific region. The last few years have been tough on cyber security and not even  Dec 3, 2018 It's important for us to define what the current information security and cybersecurity industry looks 43% of cyber attacks target small business. 9:09 AM ET Wed, 8 Aug 2018 The government alone can't defend against the growing threat of cyberwarfare, writes Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen. More. A cyber attack is an attack launched from one or more computers against another computer, multiple computers or networks. Cyber attacks are happening more often and becoming more severe. May later confronted Putin over the novichok attacks in Salisbury last year The FBI is the lead federal agency for investigating cyber attacks by criminals, overseas adversaries, and terrorists. Here are 10 U. Add in the widespread use of digital banking, eCommerce and mobile devices, and it becomes a low hanging fruit for hackers, just illustrates the recent Singapore’s health system cyber-attack. Top 5 reported industries; Top attacker by country; It’s not as detailed as above two but still useful if you are just looking for data in industry and country wise. Cyber security should be at the  Dec 16, 2018 Invest in cybersecurity services that can analyze their current IT infrastructure and find solutions to improve network security using the latest  USCG Urges Vigilance in Shipping amid Renewed Cyber Attacks The recent cyber-security breach at Maersk group's APM Terminals had a clear impact on  2013 was the most historic year ever for cyber attacks. But even the largest attacks have lessons for every business. To respond to the ever-growing diversity and virulence of cyber threats, Singapore has undertaken, in past years, several key actions to create a dependable cyber ecosystem. It looks incredibly sleek. NPR's Ailsa Chang talks with WABE's Tasnim Shamma about how the  Dec 22, 2016 Note: we determined the biggest cyberattacks of 2016 based on In October, someone used the recently-released Mirai software to build a  Feb 13, 2018 China also uses cyber to enable espionage and attack capabilities . Explore more on Cyber Attack at Dnaindia. Attacks similar to WannaCry occurred with Sony in 2014 and Blaster in 2003 (Ward, 2017). “Hydro subject to cyber-attack,” warned Oslo-headquartered Norsk Hydro ASA, one of the world’s biggest aluminum producers, on Tuesday. The Latest Cyber Attack on Banks: The 2012 DDoS Attacks Of the attacks on this list, the 2012 DDoS attacks that overwhelmed Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo, PNC and more rank as one of the most devastating—but least damaging. Search. The threat is incredibly serious—and growing. A cyberattack is any type of offensive maneuver employed by individuals or whole . Dec 20, 2018 The attack compromised the real names, email addresses, dates of birth and Marriott International announced that cyber thieves had stolen data on . Cybersecurity. officials have warned that cyberattacks against Iran could increase the likelihood that Iran may respond in kind, and  Cyber security threats evolve. It wasn't until this year, though, that the US government began publicly acknowledging the Russian state's involvement in these actions. The 2019 Internet Security Threat Report takes a deep dive into the latest trends in cyber security attacks, including ransomware, formjacking, and cloud security. Jan 28, 2019 A Look at Recent Cyber Attacks in Italy & How the Country Is Responding. Cyber Attack: Get Cyber Attack Latest News, Videos and Photos also find Breaking news, updates, information on Cyber Attack. The attacks are occurring as The Shift News is publishing the results of an investigation on corruption in the government deal on three of Malta’s public hospitals. The biggest, headline-grabbing cyber attacks tend to hit the biggest companies. could respond to a North Korean cyber attack. Viruses, worms, Trojans and malware are the most common types of cyber attacks experienced by American companies. needs to make clear that all options are on the table for responding to cyber  Mar 22, 2019 Cyberattacks on financial institutions are increasingly being linked to nation- states, resulting in destructive and disruptive damages rather than  Dec 18, 2018 This Year in Cyber Attacks: The Biggest Data Breaches of 2018 Cyber thieves didn't just steal the usual information – names, addresses and  Jul 20, 2017 If the recent cyber attacks have taught us anything, it is that most people are dangerously unprepared for them. But in Q2 2013, Akamai Technologies reported that Indonesia toppled China with portion 38 percent of cyber attack, a high increase from 21 percent portion in previous quarter. In a recent incident at the  Jul 19, 2018 The U. Homepage. It is no coincidence that the popularity Internet-of-Things and growth of botnets happen in the same, of all Internet-connected devices, IoT is the least secure devices that exist today. The cyber attack on British Airways affected even more customers than originally thought, according to its owner IAG. In 2012 alone, NATO's systems suffered over 2,500 significant cyber attacks. com. A big part of this… All the latest breaking news on Cyber attack. Crippling organisations’ ability to provide ongoing services or information has become a major thrust for cyber attacks in the last 12 months. 4. Being one of the best cyber security news sites, the editors and subject matter experts at Cyware collaborate with technology specialists, security researchers and industry analysts to provide you latest top cyber security The Shift is experiencing the second cyber attack in a week, both of which were aimed at taking the site down and denying public access to news reports on the site. What the UK’s most recent IoT legislation means for the industry. PWNED: A U. Customs and Border Protection assessment of a recent hack  August 6, 2019 - Russian-backed hackers were recently seen targeting poorly Cyberattacks leveraging business email compromise scams have rapidly  Jun 22, 2019 Iran has increased its offensive cyberattacks against the U. Jun 1, 2018 Here's how a Pentagon cybersecurity expert imagines the U. China set 33 percent and US set at 6. and the recent decision to make recreational FireEye Cyber Threat Map give you a nice summary of total attacks today with following data. So do cyber security facts. But it is just one part of the backdrop to NATO having its first ministerial level discussion of how to provide cybersecurity. Cyberattacks can lead to loss of money, theft of personal information, and damage to your reputation and safety. 1 800 638 0253 Partner Two recent examples were the cyber attacks against the Office of Personnel Management, which obtained records on more than 22 million federal workers, and the Anthem Healthcare cyber attacks that The lab also showcases working demos of current or recently completed research projects, such as attacks against medical devices, automobiles, internet of things (IoT) devices, industrial control systems, and more. Malware. The UK has been at the receiving end of the some of the biggest cyber-attacks in recent times. Russian Grid Hacking. Cyber attacks on critical infrastructure are a growing and very frightening trend, this list covers five examples in recent years. must wake up to the seriousness of cyber attacks on its economy The recent indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officers by the  Mar 6, 2017 Understanding the motivation behind cyber-attacks can help Another variation lead to a recent case where guests at a hotel in Austria were  Mar 21, 2017 This point was stressed by Michael Kaiser, Executive Director of the National CyberSecurity Alliance, at a presentation last week at the  surfaces for potential cyber attacks. FBI. You hear a lot about cyber security dangers — data breaches, ransomware attacks, cryptojacking,  Nov 30, 2017 Here are the biggest data breaches and cyber attacks reported in 2017, You must keep systems updated with the most current versions of  Jun 22, 2019 The US military launched a cyber-attack on Iranian weapons systems on In recent weeks hackers believed to be working for the Iranian  May 6, 2019 As details of the attack emerge, experts are divided about the long-term At the most recent GridEx security exercise in 2017, utilities practiced  MAP | Find out if you are under cyber-attack here. ThreatConnect fuses intelligence, automation, orchestration, and response to enable organizations of any size to be more predictive, proactive, and efficient. UK Politics. At a time when the world faces a dangerous escalation in cyber warfare, a series of assaults on petrochemical companies in Saudi Arabia – possibly backed by nation states – has caused alarm. This data is not real-time but updated daily. After all, they have the most data. A ransomware attack  4 days ago Chinese State Hackers Suspected Of Malicious Cyber Attack On U. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Cyber attack. RECENT POSTS. There are cyber security updates on attacks and breaches, cloud security, application security, data leaks and insider threats, mobile security, network and perimeter security, endpoint security and privacy, risk management and compliance, vulnerabilities and threats, etc. 24% detected other computer security incidents. 43% of cyber attacks target small business 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks. Read More. Sophisticated cyber actors and nation-states exploit vulnerabilities to steal information and money and are developing capabilities to disrupt, destroy, or threaten the delivery of essential services. In this paper, IOActive Labs CTO Cesar Cerrudo provides an overview of current cyber security problems affecting cities as  Apr 23, 2018 What are the current leading cyber threats to state and local governments and other Examples of Recent Cyberattacks on Municipal Entities. Recent Attacks As a security professional, you need to know what strategies you can adopt to avoid becoming a victim yourself. Cyberattacks may include the following consequences: Identity theft, fraud, extortion. Cyber Attack on German companies BASF, Siemens, Henkel, and Roche. Maarten, a Caribbean island and constitute country of the Netherlands, were taken offline for a week after a cyber attack. Password sniffing. Eric Rosenbach asks us to  Dec 17, 2018 In this piece, we discuss highlight some of the major cyber-attacks and . Cyber Ransom Attacks On The Rise, Toyota Australia has confirmed it has been subject to an attempted cyber attack Millions of customers’ data accessed in second Toyota hack – Tokyo sales subsidiaries raided The UK prime minister and the Russian president were stony-faced before their meeting at the G20 summit in Japan. These have often resulted in the virtual destruction of IT systems, leakage of massive chunks of customer data and an ongoing identity theft crisis. Cyber attack hits oil giant and banks in Russia and Ukraine. Stony Lonesome Group Names Gary Miliefsky of Cyber Defense Media  Jun 22, 2019 The target of the attacks was an "intelligence group" that either has ties the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, It had been connected to recent  Jun 23, 2019 Cybersecurity firms say Iran has increased its offensive cyberattacks say in recent weeks hackers believed to be working for the Iranian  Two of the U. cyber attacks. None broke through its defences. Can your company survive with its current measures? Jun 24, 2019 The U. That has actually happened at several community colleges. Interaction. Our favorite real-time worldwide cyber attack map is from Kaspersky Lab. by July 31, 2018. Dec 28, 2018 Data breaches and cyberattacks became even more common in 2018, recent Facebook searches, location history and the types of devices  May 15, 2018 This article describes the most common types of cyber attacks and methods for defending against them to enhance your cyber security. The types of cyber attacks are almost as numerous as the number of hackers. With all of your knowledge in one Cyber-physical attacks More hacks targeting electrical grids, transportation systems, and other parts of countries’ critical infrastructure are going to take place in 2018. May 15, 2019 Just as Israel recently responded to Hamas attacks, the U. It was revealed after a probe of CIA, that two cyber criminal groups from Russia-Tsar team and fancy bear were responsible for launching cyber attacks on the database of Democratic National Convention. A closer look at this string of cyber-attacks in the country in recent years reveals a trend that is as alarming as it is insightful: Ransomware Attacks. The email will seem legitimate, and it will have some urgency to it (e. This new trend in digital attacks is sowing distrust, leading people to lose confidence in organisations and businesses, said Nicole Eagan, chief executive of cyber security firm Darktrace. The majority of victimized businesses (86%) detected multiple incidents, with half of these (43%) detecting 10 or more incidents during the year. 62% experienced phishing & social engineering attacks. World News | Agence France-Presse | Monday July 16, 2018. Threatpost, is an independent news site which is a leading source of information about IT and business security for hundreds of thousands of professionals worldwide. Phishing emails are responsible for about 91 percent of cyber attacks. Stolen hardware, such as laptops or mobile devices. Malware is simply defined as code with malicious intent that typically steals data or destroys something on the computer. Cyber attack in Iran leaves US flag on screens Hackers have attacked networks in a number of countries including data centres in Iran where they left the image of a US flag on screens along with a warning "Don't mess with our elections", the Iranian IT ministry said. The growing number of such attacks highlights the critical importance of making cyber preparedness a priority and taking the necessary steps to secure our networks against adversaries. Internet attacked (2002): In 2002, a cyber attack aimed squarely at all 13 domain name system’s root servers in the US almost brought the Internet to its knees. In the aftermath of these incidents, these companies spent an average of $879,582 because of damage or theft of IT assets. 10: Ransomware is still on the rise. 11% detected cyber theft. recent cyber attacks

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