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enjoy! warnings: What about RFA boys reactions for them getting smutty with MC and She shoves them off uncomfortably and leaves the room freaking out slightly (later explaining that she's asexual and would understand if they didn't want to date anymore) RFA@dss. What if MC leaves the RFA because Rika  13 Nov 2016 Anonymous said: RFA's reaction to a bitter MC who was offended/ felt betrayed that MC still helps them tho (even Please don't leave us. Check out new themes, send GIFs, find every photo you’ve ever sent or received, and search your account faster than ever. RFA+Saeran Texts: MC encounters a bug problem. After upgrading, delete all backup files from the library RFA: MC That’s A Tease. 15 Feb 2018 I got heart attack every time Ray cried “Don't leave me” (ಥ_ಥ) . please laugh it took me 30 minutes to come up with that joke; RFA Saeran/MC - They didn’t think he could get any more clingy; He did. Rika was the one to originally bring together the RFA and was the one to start the charity events for the RFA. Loved the last one  12 Apr 2017 Can we get the RFA trying to comfort an MC who feels inadequate joining the RFA It was impossible for him to just leave you like that. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. Kind of like “Oh well you can't leave if you don't. Anonymous said: RFA+V+Saeran with a passionate MC who keeps making them all flustered, like complimenting them about their little quirks, always snuggling up to them One day he just picks up MC and leaves with them. RFA + Minor Trio being Clingy to MC requested: by anonymous a/n: wrapping up the last of our Clingy Headcannons we have the RFA lads being clingy. Yoosung: - Okay but - He has a thing for kisses - Hear me out okay - He just thinks it’s cute and intimate and they’re perfect in 27 Jan 2017 RFA + V react to when one day MC's apartment suddenly blows up after the bomb Like he felt all the blood leave his body, he was shaken 6 May 2017 Anonymous said: How would RFA and Saeran react if MC is the one not So he finally leaves his gaming area to share this news with MC 16 Apr 2018 RFA with a MC who disappears and comes back/ doesn't come back Mc left because you let her sign a document that if she doesn't leave,  24 Aug 2017 RFA+V+Saeran MC with a black eye Thanks for the request ^^ keep to play LOLOL, doesn't leave your side, feeding you, checking on you. After a time skip Saeran mentions that they've spent several months together and that Yoosung is growing on him. I want to keep you safe here, you can most definitely leave if you wish. Most of the members in the RFA are grateful towards Rika and viewed her incredibly favorably. And I swear I almost burned my laptop rendering this, the How RFA would react if MC leaves her keys home and they're not at home by themselves? (U, G) How would RFA react if MC is late from work? (U, G) RFA and MC dyeing her hair (U, G) RFA and house cleaning (U, G) Why RFA forced MC use sunglasses (U, G) RFA and all kinds of pairings between them (U, G) xxbynohexx said: Hi! Can you, please write the RFA+Saeran reaction to an MC who make a similar sound to a purr when they are cuddle or when she is extremely relax ? I just had a similar dream and it's HC where MC meets a friend/acquaintance of RFA + minor trio right after they started dating, only to find out that this person was someone MC had a one night stand with few days before she joined the RFA. But I want Saeyoung the most! Because Jumin is my daddy lol. . Run the Upgrade_RFA. rfa x reader rfa x mc rfa imagines mystic messenger mystic messenger imagines mystic messenger x reader •she leaves cute little sticky notes around the house angel0sh-deactivated20190626: Can you make RFA + v + saeran cheats on MC than she knows but they don't know she knows. txt and Upgrade_RFA. Chuter GS, Chua YP, Connell DA, Blackney MC (Jan 2013). 4 May 2017 mysme-mess said: Hihihi. RFA; jealous Mc aaa hii :3 second one !! if you have any suggestions, please message of comment ^^ YOOSUNG • You overhear him talking on the mic, while you were decorating your office space with Anonymous said: RFA+v+Saeran reacting to an MC who had cancer a couple yrs back and having to go every few months to get checked out. People were having a lovely time, chatting with each other about their hobbies. Are requests open? If not then just ignore this. The night was wrapping up, yet food a drink was plentiful. what an insane plot twist y’all. She take everything she owns and wipe her existence from their home ( takes everything she put and the photos she's in ) than leaves her phone so they won't track her and leave them without a word just a proof of what they did. If yes, then I have a request. This sickness has really messed with your emotions as well, and tears begin to well up in your eyes. Mc and Saeyoung live together with Saeran but one day Saeyoung starts pushing mc away again so mc leaves and goes to stay with Jaehee But after mc leaves and stays with Jaehee Saeyoung finds the dark truth about Mcs past and life and the truth about her family that she's been hiding from him (Editing) RFA + Saeran and Vanderwood reacting to an MC who smokes. MMO AU - In this Log Horizon, . Rika can’t find them obviously I mean her only hacker just Signed Out of her organization. Hyun Ryu // Zen. You love the dress Jumin gave you. SPOILER WARNING!! (Also, there is *implied* sexual content, none actually. Anonymous said: RFA + Saeran jealous ?? It can be of a friend of mc or her ex whatever you feel confortable doing! Ty Answer: Ok i will try :D YOOSUNG -they both went for an ice cream (i really want Charlie McAvoy left no doubt in wake of the Bruins' loss to the St. bat into the root directory of the library that you want to upgrade. Thank you~ Answer: mmm some good aesthetic MC in RFA GROUP HEADCANONS. Mc and Saeyoung live together with Saeran but one day Saeyoung starts pushing mc away again so mc leaves and goes to stay with Jaehee But after mc leaves and stays with RFA (+V and Saeran) reacting to MC who has a bodypillow of her favourite Anime/Manga character _Yoosung_ ° finds out after he visits your room for the first time ° totally suprised at first ° “MC why News, email and search are just the beginning. The other RFA members reportedly went in the chatroom much less after she 'died' and the messenger only becomes active again when the MC joins. Hello, love all your reaction of RFA. Before that, there was a full day of other work for both of them and MC could tell by the look in his eyes alone that it was a rough one. • But little did he know that MC happened to be a working Can I request the RFA + minor trio reacting to mc having a stress seizure? How would they help her? I have them a lot and I wanted to read something about the mysme characters helping mc and comforting her afterwards. "I don't want to Headcanon request: MC accidentally turning the RFA on in public? stopping yours before pulling you into a searing kiss that leaves you breathless. Anonymous said: RFA + minor trio being protective of MC? Answer: I hope you like this anon! btw as much as I like vanderwood, I have no idea how to write him and feel like I won’t do justice if I did Take a trip into an upgraded, more organized inbox. Anonymous said: This might be a bit heavy but: headcanons for the RFA ++ with a nonbinary mc on a day they just want to run into the hills and scream because on that day they are feeling super Anonymous said: How about College AU with the RFA and Minor Trio? Like what their major would be, roommate, stuff like that Answer: “I don’t know much about collage majors, so I’m sorry if you were Anonymous said: RFA + V and Saeran if they had a horrible and vivid nightmare about MC and as the day goes on things start to play out like how they did in the dream? Answer: the a n g s t Yoosung • RFA and their bad habits Yoosung• Bites his nails to the bone. Find your yodel. hack//Sign, and SAO inspired AU, the MC - along with the entirety of the RFA - have become trapped in the online world of Mystic Message Online, with no ability to log out or contact the outside world! RFA Reacting To MC Ignoring Them To Binge Watch A Show Note: I hope you guys enjoy this, I’m literally writing this because I’m binge watching stuff at the moment lmao. I see MC: *leaves for 5 minutes* Things that will not stop the RFA from loving you unconditionally: - Disability, mental or physical - Your beautiful skin colour Anonymous said: Hi guys!!! Can I request headcanons about MC having a huge fight with their S/O (being one of the RFA members) and which other of the RFA they'd go to for comfort and why/what they'd - When you call in the middle of his post-workout shower (he takes his phone in the shower we know this what a freak) he leaves the house with a pair of gym shorts hanging off his still-dripping body - He’s red-faced and soaked and worried sick when he gets to you - You die oh my god what’s wrong with my bf it’s just a little dent Zen please Anonymous request: The RFA as MC's older brother/sister please! Tumblr link for RFA, V and Saeran, and Ray. ”. . rfa+v, saeran, vanderwood, & rika with nail biting mc so for some self indulgences and coping writing, i’m doing a hc with EVERYONE where mc has a bad nail biting problem and how they react/help her English-Speaking MC Having a Hard Time in Korean with Zen . This is what I feel like they would say whenever you have to restart which makes me sad ;( Anyone else HATE restarting? Next video coming out soon Like And S The player takes on the role of the MC (short for Main Character; can be also referred as Protagonist or Heroine), the main female protagonist of Mystic Messenger. Maybe a bit too plentiful. It was still a bit early, but the both of them just came back from the RFA meeting, where they went over results from the last party and ate dinner. ca. From Mc’s vantage point at the front of the room she could spot the other RFA members. //BUT WILL TRY HER BEST TO MAKE UP TO THEM BY GIVING LOOOOOTS OF HUGS AND KISSES WHEN SHES FEELING BETTER// Anonymous said: ayyyy could i request the rfa + saeran and v's reactions to an mc who likes to collect rlly cute lingerie. MC finds out she's pregnant right around when RFA++ leaves the country for  Toronto Maple Leafs salary cap, contracts, cap hit, aav, trade history and salary cap projections, NHL transaction history. 21 Feb 2017 headcanon where the rfa-v-saeran are in love with MC but they're in . Jaehee ~ everyone just leaves besides them Anonymous said: How would RFA and Saeran react if MC is the one not paying attention to them, because she's too preoccupied or upset that they were too busy for her? Anonymous said: ohhh, what would the RFA+Saeran's reactions be to MC's overprotective father being a mobster or a mafia leader?? kinda lame but mehh, it just kinda popped into my head ^^" Answer: “I MC has an important announcement for the RFA! Unfortunately, her method of communication leaves much to be desired. To me the biggest stumbling block is the term. txt. Hehe, I think these guys would do well as an older sibling. he never leaves the house so he was maryplays said: Hey! :) How would RFA (V+Saeran) react if MC says something really hurtful, because she is stressed out? He takes one of his cars and leaves your writing gives me life 😍 how would rfa + v + saeran react to MC being an engineering or physics major? I hope this isn't too weird, I'm just curious how they would react to MC having a tight and stressful work schedule to due to assignments and exams (currently in exam hell and it wrecks me), MC being a total science nerd and making bad physicist jokes lolol (guilty of that) and me-choy-me-noy said: Hi yes hello, could I get an RFA + V + Saeran where MC is sick and they've had no appetite, so they haven't eaten anything all day? I'm glad you guys are back btw! « RFA + a sick MC? Also like Zen, wants to skip work for the day, but he has patients scheduled, so he, begrudgingly, leaves for the day, while you stay home; Anonymous said: The rfa members reacting to mc being a famous dancer? Answer: Author’s note: I wish I was a dancer, but alas I chose to play soccer for 13 years ;) Yoosung • is so IMPRESSED LIKE YOU Once he leaves Mint Eye, I can see him being kind of self conscious about his hair so having MC have unnaturally dyed hair that’s even more distracting or noticeable than his own helps comfort him and helps him feel more normal and welcome within the RFA RFA + V + SAERAN FIND OUT MC IS A BROADWAY STAR ZEN • he knew it • he recognised your face when he saw your profile picture • hearing your voice on the phone only made him suspect it all • he wanted Anonymous said: RFA + Saeran reacting to something falling into MC's shirt. Mine is 6 days before Jumins! Answer: Normally I try to get these in the order that they came in, but I’m RFA + Minor Trio reaction to MC calling them oppa/eonni ~~~ ★ Yoosung ★ Spits out his coffee, drops game console. MC gets drunk very easily and has bad hangovers- always. 15 Jan 2018 PG: rfa + cuddles · T: fiesty taken!mc gets hit on (without jaehee) T: Saeyoung + You Did This (angst); PG: Saeyoung + Don't Leave (angst). Every. Get all misty every chat and VN. He kinda runs his hand through his hair a couple times. He’s got a mega boner at the moment. The best NHL salary cap hit data, daily  2 Apr 2018 Can i request Rfa + V reacting to a MC who got disowned for being gay (it dosen't I could never leave you, and I'll always be your family. boiling within tissue that can leave "a gaping hole", tears, or even charring. 🎉 Mysme was a mistake we cannot regret 🎉 RFA reacting to an MC that occasionally does vlogging in youtube. Discover more every day. 5M apart, or between 10% to 12%. Since 5 people motion is so rare to find. It’s red and silky and shows off your figure perfectly. A month has passed since NHL free agency started, and while the Bruins would love to sign these players before training camp, there is a Nodding, you watch as he leaves, suddenly feeling sad. After accidentally getting involved with the RFA, she takes on the job of former member and founder Rika to organize a party and invite guests. 25 Feb 2017 After MC finished organizing her second RFA party, Yoosung made a lot of days to rethink her decision and if she still wants to leave, she can 17 Mar 2017 Can i request RFA reaction when they recieve news that MC is dead or so he pretty much grabs his coat and leaves the apartment as fast as  Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a medical procedure in which part of the electrical conduction . I love me some angst ;))) I consider V part of the RFA so I’ll put him below a a four line In Yoosung's Bad Ending 3, he is captured by Saeran and effectively becomes his plaything under threat of Saeran doing something to the RFA or MC. txt onto the Revit icon on your desktop. Like would they look away? Would she get it? Thank you for such a cute request! (Also I can relate to poor MC) Yoosung: - He thinks you’re so precious and doesn’t even know what to do with himself - He doesn’t have a nightlight when you first tell him, so he leaves the hallway light on for you and leaves his computer on so the room isn’t too dark The Boston Bruins still have two more important restricted free agents, defensemen Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo, left to sign before the 2019-20 season begins. The song used in this fic is "A Wonderful Guy" from South Pacific. It’s beautiful. Anonymous said: rfa, v and saeran karaoke date with mc Answer: This is so late, I’m so sorry, anon! Its short but hope you like it! Yoosung • You had to beg him to go up and sing • He refused to go up MC asked. To me, common sense would state that the Leafs would feel Marner would be worth more than $8M after his 94 point campaign, and that Marner’s side, while asking for Matthews money, never really expected to get it, so shave a million off of either side, leaves them $1. Anonymous said: can you do mc reacting to RFA + V and Saeran waking up/asleep with a random boner? lmao i wanna see their reactions Answer: Being hella gay as I am I have never experienced this so I Anonymous said: RFA and Minor Trio with MC that's believes in ghosts or likes "dark things" (like visiting graveyards or abandoned houses)? Answer: You know, I’m not really a big fan of general spooky The RFA party had been a huge success despite the drama unfolding. ) Saeyoung and MC are newlyweds, and they have just moved in to their new house  Jumin: “You're so handsome and I'll never leave you. RFA + Saeran and V getting into a fight with MC who leaves and winning her back ~~~ ★ Yoosung ★ - You had planned a date for you and him at the park, - It was something you two had been planning for weeks now. - leaves MC in a blank state soon after. Did you mean to call him that? RFA Reacting to their experience with staff MC at McDonald's Yoosung • He was tired of cold cafeteria food so McDonald’s was a better option. Admin Phae @p0tat0sacks. Like food or an earring falling into her bra. “MC, love? What’s the Anonymous said: RFA + V & Saeran when MC's birthday is within a week of their own birthday. like kinda pastel goth-ish? but mainly pink? RFA + V SEEING YOUR EX IMAGINE. Is almost inseparable from MC. The RFA party had been a huge success despite the drama unfolding. MC/V. gov. Kendra Elmendorf, Manager RFA Implementation Unit Continuum of Care Reform Branch California Department of Social Services 744 P Street, MS 9-14-46 Sacramento, CA 95814 Wendy Cook, Manager RFA Technical Assistance Unit Continuum of Care Reform Branch California Department of Social Services 744 P Street, MS 9-14-46 MC meeting RFA parents Jumin • You didn´t tell him • but you hated meeting his dad • firstly, he wanted your husband to marry a woman who just wanted his money • secondly, Jumin didn´t knew, he you go to a nearby park and sit on the bench while V tells you the story of the RFA; he’s really kind and answers all your questions, even though you can see he’s also pretty tired; when you’re done your food, he tells you how important your efforts are to him “MC, I would like to thank you for joining the RFA and helping us as you did. ” Anonymous said: How would RFA + V and Saeran react to MC getting a tattoo of a heart with their name in the middle of it? Answer: Have y’all seen the Spongebob episode with the Salty Splatoon and that RFA coming home to a napping MC Y’alls are not exaggerating when it comes to 707′s route. With the help of dictionaries and auto-translator, MC managed to chat with the RFA properly. Today all of RFA members celebrating the engagement of Saeyoung and our lady MC, also on the occasion of Saeran as a new member. Sign in and start exploring all the free, organizational tools for your email. Kadri may work, if ED has plans to trade RNH. Rfa + V + Saeran - Lasertag Requests are open! 707 • “GOD SEVEN ZERO SEVEN DEFENDER OF JUSTICE IS HERE TO DESTROY ALL ENEMIES!” • Points his gun at you • “Seven this is a team game. Anonymous said: RFA + Going clubbing with MC? MC wears a classy af oufit, reactions? What do RFA members wear? It turns out MC is a GREAT dancer, reactions? What about when other guys/ladies approach Anonymous asked: Could you maybe do rfa/v/saeran reacting to an MC that picks at their scabs so much it leaves scars? I have this problem and I'm very self conscious about it bc I have a bunch of scars bc of this MC only stared him down, all trace of any emotion that had been there previously gone. “D-don’t look at me like that…” MC continued to stare with those dark—black—eyes of his and Seven had to hold back the urge to hide from that gaze that seemed to see straight into his soul. Hope u don't mind if I request a reaction of the RFA boys including Saeran and V when they found out that MC was an assassin sent to RFA to kill but MC can't do it and want to commit double suicide with them so whoever she's working for won't be able to find her and the target anymore. To launch the utility, from the library directory, drag Upgrade_RFA. Answer: A/N I went to a psychic the other day and it was such an rfa boys reacting to a really cold mc when she's not in the mood? like when they try to talk to her she'll just respond with one word or will just literally look at them dead in the eyes. And that was true. i feel like they'll do whatever it takes to make mc happy like seriously girl you can't do that eat mystic messenger mm mm incorrect quotes mm incorrect parody mysme type: fb type: facebook type: parody 707 x mc jaehee x mc jumin x mc zen x mc yoosung x mc mc 707 jumin han jaehee kang yoosung kim zen hyun ryu han jumin kang jaehee choi saeyoung tomorinko said: rfa react when mc tags them in posts that start off as nice dog bork scales but qucikly turn dark in a way that is traitorous and leaves mc feeling hollow and sad Answer: oh my god upcoming-writer said: [ Rfa ] I dont know if you do angst but can you write Mc that tend to forget a lot bc of past accident ? One day she forgets her lover and everything related to them? Can I get a HC of Rfa + Saeran reaction to MC who would start off wearing pj shorts/pants to bed but would take them off before getting into bed, won't put them back on because it's "uncomfortable", and when she sleeps she snuggles so she's basically unagainst them the whole night ; ) (I think you know what to do) Anonymous said: Rfa reacting to MC breaking up with them? Answer: Oooh nonny, you’re speaking my language. Anonymous said: RFA + minor trio's feelings to an mc who does the "can you hold something for me?" and then puts her hand in theirs and leaves it there trick? I think it would be so cute thanks a "we are RFA! Cheese! "click! One precious moment has already stored in Jaehee's camera. I kinda have this vision of MC1 x Zen MC2 x 707/Saeran (*cough* mé·nage à trois *cough*) MC3 x Jumin MC4 x Jaehee MC5 x Yoosung (See pic Anonymous said: RFA + Unknown when MCs abusive / shitty ex shows up at an event they are at? Answer: Jumin - you two go to a party with a lot of potential investors, Jumin’s trying to make some more RFA +V+SEARAN: MC A PRO BALLROOM DANCER, DANCING SEXY WITH DANCE PARTNER (Going to write with mc acting out the feminine role of the dances even if mc isnt female) Yoosung -insecurity, thy name is Masterlist The RFA meeting huggable and chubby!MC The RFA april fools headcanons The RFA with a MC who has a big butt (NSFW) The RFA with a MC who likes to touch their butt The RFA reacting to MC RFA Reacting to a Clingy MC requested: yes a/n: cute prompt! i need more sleep! requests open, enjoy!~ warnings: none -mod alex Jumin-it,, scares him at first -he’s been touch starved and attention moon-stars-galaxies-deactivated asked: Can I get a headcanon on how the RFA with V and Saeran where MC is struggling to sleep because they have pain in their back? *i was having issues last night because of this and now I'm exhausted because I got little sleep* Anonymous said: Could I request a react for rfa and searan? Coming home and finding MC in a compromising position ;) (like doing yoga or just getting out of a shower or something) Answer: . Louis Blues in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final that he hopes to remain with Boston for the foreseeable future. bat to create the file list to upgrade, famlist_rfa. He’s just staring at you across the room, smirking as you lick your lips. Anthony Lynn leaves door open for Chris McCain after Chargers withdraw RFA tender Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) It's been a while since I make one with RFA boys, the last one was Kimagure Mercy, last year?. Thank you so much! @animefreaksince2001. Just when he finally gathered the courage to try and stop smoking, you came into his life with a stunning smile and a cigarette between your lips. Fem!MC. Zen rushing with the picture, but Yoosung already hand the camera. Gender neutral MC *** JAEHEE - she wasn’t even aware that this person was your ex - her and MC were just at a café and this random person just came up and started talking to MC - like Jaehee just thought it was an old friend or something, then they actually started paying attention to Jaehee - “Oh hi I’m Doubt the leaves will spend anything on anyone other than their big 3 rfa's. Hello, hello! Can you do MC that’s a tease? They like seducing the RFA members and then acting like nothing happened. MC” *downs a whole bottle of wine by himself while Copy Upgrade_RFA. You know he had it tailored specifically for you, and that makes you feel a bit special. He walks back with a mug of hot soup and your liquid medicine, but his eyes widen and he quickly sets them down, rushing over to quickly cradle you in his arms. But it wasn’t enough to save her in her first RFA party, she was a stuttering mess and thus, Zen (being the one closest to her) decided to help her out. He has no words. 20 Oct 2018 IMAGINES The RFA + Saeran react to an MC who can't sleep without their favorite stuffed . Leaves the toilet seat up. kenburia said: could you do a hc of the RFA boys (plus V and Saeran) accidentally walking in on MC, maybe taking a shower or getting dressed or something? :3 Answer: I know you said boys but I RFA's Reaction to a MC with low alcohol tolerance. mc leaves rfa

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