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Normal = 8 cm. Approximately 75% of women have an anteverted uterus, around 25% have a retroverted uterus. PCOD causes, symptoms and treatment in Hindi. PCOD in Hinndi. Adenomyosis is a medical condition in which the endometrium breaks through the myometrium of your uterus. Bulky i. dono ki mani me khas sperms (shukranu, jirasim) hote he jin ke aaps me milne se aurat ke pait me garbh yani hamal (bachcha tharta) he. Read answers related to your health problems from thousands of doctors online across the globe at healcon. In your case, it sounds like everything is being done properly. However, contrary to what many people think, pregnancy is not the only cause of an enlarged uterus. A markedly enlarged, bulky uterus suggests fibroids; a mildly enlarged, boggy, symmetric uterus suggests adenomyosis. A woman's uterus is the size of a clenched fist but can grow as big as a soccer ball or larger during pregnancy. Normally, women are born with a uterus that is located in a straight up and down position inside of the pelvis, or with a uterus that tips slightly forwards, towards the stomach. Menu . Hi doctor, my sister had no periods from 3 months. Pelvic congestion syndrome has a collection of different symptoms. In that all are normal but a grade 1 fatty liver and Mild bulky uterus are occurred. Fluid in the uterus is a case for alarm as in normal, natural conditions the uterus does not hold any fluids whatsoever in its cavity. 28 cm the echopattern is normal the endometrial echo(EE- 0. Rotate into transverse and angle slightly cranially to be perpendicular to the uterus. I had a scan last year because I was having periods every 2 weeks after having a Mirena coil for 3 years. English. I had a condition where the uterus or the womb becomes unnaturally heavy or The physician feels that my uterus is bulky? What does this indicate? A:A large number of causes exist for a bulky uterus. - [quote:b6758c804f='bigmaksmom']:? well, I just had a pelvic ultra sound because I keep having bleeding when Im n BULKY UTERUS Sharma Rashmi Ramesh 1Assistant Professor, Department of chancellor, Dr. Baumann on what does bulky gravid anteverted uterus means: Just means your uterus is tipped backwards and usually of no clinical significance. Retroverted Uterus. Ginger helps reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation in the uterus. This procedure is performed inside a specially crafted MRI scanner that allows your doctors to visualize your anatomy, and then locate and destroy (ablate) fibroids inside your uterus without making an incision. This condition can be classified into different types. Yours is not even very large compared with normal. uterus is gravit. So to be sure if this is anything to be concerned about a referral to a gynaecologist is made and a scan such as a hysteroscopy may be done to see what it is causing it to be bulky. Cervix is about two inches or more, and the uterus body sits on top, which is the size of a pear. A vertical uterus has no tilt and goes straight up. Endometrium 11 mm . Lush, I have a bulky uterus but no reason for it. In most cases, a retroverted uterus won’t cause any problems during pregnancy. Having an enlarged uterus can be the source of excruciating pain for a woman. From conception to delivery, a woman's uterus can grow from the size of a pear to the size of a watermelon. The uterus (from Latin "uterus", plural uteri) or womb is a major female hormone-responsive secondary sex organ of the reproductive system in humans and most other mammals. 8 cm on my right uterus wall and my CA-125 test shows 74. Uterine fibroids are non-malignant tumours of the uterus, affecting about 20% of the female population over the age of 35. Contextual translation of "bulky uterus" into Tamil. PAST HISTORY : An occurence of ammenorrhea,ulcer patient Uterus meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Uterus in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages. The finding of the glandular material in the uterine wall may cause the uterus to become enlarged (called hypertrophy) and sometimes doctors use the term 'bulky uterus'. Its thickness varies with a woman’s age, reproductive stage and specific point of her menstrual cycle. Heel the probe to get the bladder over the fundus of the uterus. A) A bulky uterus is the generalized swelling of the uterine wall. An anteverted uterus is a tipped uterus, that is, one which tilts forward. Fibroids are tumors of the  It is unclear why fibroids develop, but several factors may influence their formation: Many fibroids contain changes in genes that differ from those in normal   लक्षण – Symptoms of PID in Hindi; गर्भाशय का कैंसर – Uterus cancer in Hindi  Jul 21, 2011 The second generation endometrial ablation techniques like uterine thermal normal PAP smear and clinically a normal size or bulky uterus. i will let know you what they say monday xx Fibroids are non-cancerous growths of the womb (uterus). An anteverted uterus leans forward toward the belly and over the bladder rather than mid-position or tilted toward the back. 31 मई 2017 Hindi News से जुड़े अन्य अपडेट लगातार हासिल करने के लिए हमें फेसबुक पर लाइक और ट्विटर पर फॉलो करें. Eighty percent of African-American women will develop benign uterine fibroid tumors by their late 40s, according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. It may be noted that the uterus consists of 2 parts, the fundus or the upper area of the uterus and the lower cervix. He told me had a bulky uterus but nothing to worry about. A 55 year old lady consulted with symptoms and complaints of a bulky uterus. But pregnancy isn't the only potential reason for an enlarged uterus. Infiltrative diseases of uterus . trial hyperplasia of uterus is high levels ofestrogens endometrial hyperplasia with bulky uterus. Most women with fibroids, and many who have had several children have a bulky uterus. Women who have had children and are older than 30 are more likely to develop a bulky uterus. 3. " How to treat bulky uterus? diated left adnexal vein supporting pelvic congestion sydrom my right ovary is a large 24x8x8 other one is 8x19x10mm can I get fixed up as I feel bloated all the time especially after a meal I do also have high levels of prolactin and had a brain scan which found out I have a micro on my putiarity gland havnt Fibroid can be removed and the uterus left intact but in most cases a hysterectomy is performed. Fidroid uterus. Best Natural Tips to Shrink Enlarged Uterus (Adenomyosis) Cinnamon Powder Your uterus is a reproductive organ that plays a key role during menstruation and holds a baby during pregnancy. If your doctor tells you have you an anteverted uterus, it means that your uterus gravid uterus: Etymology: L, gravidus, pregnant, uterus, womb a pregnant uterus. Yes i worry health wise as well . This article explains what does it mean to have swollen uterus or enlarged uterus, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and home remedies. Read on to know what foods for healthy uterus you need to include in your diet. Main cause of trial hyperplasia of uterus is high levels "Bulky" is a term that gynecologists and radiologists often use as a synonym for enlarged. The ovaries are about the size and shape of an almond and sit just above the fallopian tubes — one ovary on each side of the uterus. In extreme cases, multiple fibroids can expand the uterus so much that it reaches the rib cage and can add weight. कम से कम 12 महीने तक माहवारी का न होना रजोनिवृति कहलाता है। रजोनिवृति औरत के Ligaments on the sides of the uterus; Any cystic (fluid filled) swelling in any of these structures can be called an adnexal mass. Every month during ovulation, either the right or left ovary produces a single mature egg for fertilization. This can be evidence of fibroids, adenomyosis, or simply a "parous" uterus. Had a perfectly fantastic scan today at 6weeks and 5 days. That means if the uterus is bigger than normal size ( usually around 8× 4× 4 cms roughly is the normal size), it is considered bulky. I'm due right at the end of June. So, it becomes all the more crucial to keep your uterus healthy. Observe the increased size of the liver without any other pathology. SAC like structure measuring approx 10. Leiomyomas, better known as fibroid tumors, are benign, non cancerous tumors that occur in the uterus. A retroverted uterus means the uterus is tipped backwards so that it aims towards the rectum instead of forward towards the belly. The cause of adenomyosis is unknown, although it has been associated with any sort of uterine trauma that may break the barrier between the endometrium and myometrium, known as the junctional zone, such as a caesarean section, surgical pregnancy termination, and any pregnancy. When the uterus is bulky, it is called as bulky uterus. UTERUS Anteverted in position IT IS BULKY IN SIZE, measuring 9. The scan was advised because of a recurrent urinary tract infection. 34 cm. It is a well known fact that a woman’s uterus and abdomen swell up during pregnancy. Although the condition is not the same as endometriosis, it does commonly Bulky uterus. Bulky meaning in Hindi : Get meaning and translation of Bulky in Hindi language with grammar,antonyms,synonyms and sentence usages. Uterine fibroids are often seen incidentally on CT scans performed for other reasons. or i have go for an operation. MRI-guided focused ultrasound surgery (FUS) is a noninvasive treatment option for uterine fibroids that preserves your uterus. She also experiences continuous pain around her lower abdomen and waist. 1 x 3. In the human, the lower end of the uterus, the cervix, opens into the vagina, while the upper end, the fundus, is connected to the fallopian tubes. (Meaning that you have been pregnant before). research shows that, approximately 25% of non Hispanic white women and 50% of African-American women suffer from these tumors. There was no reason for it being bulky - it just is apparently. A hypoechoic mass measuring 17* 18 mm is seen in posterior wall of uterus. single fetal node is seen in the gestational sec of size G. She is a housewife and has to perform various activities at home. Hello, My MRI test was found endometeriosis cyst size 4. Uterus is bulky as per the scan reports. Jun 14, 2017 A hysterectomy is a procedure for removal of uterus, and possibly ovaries and fallopian tubes as well. Ayurvedic-Herbal medicine for FIBROIDS Now a days a number of women suffering from fibroids in uterus. My 44 years old wife has a bulky uterus and has been experiencing irregular periods. Homeopathy remedies for Uterine prolapse can cure the early stages of Uterine Prolapse but in the last degree cases of Uterine Prolapse when the whole uterus comes out of the vagina, surgical intervention is the only way out. They are also known as uterine myomas or leiomyomas. My uterus is bulky with heterogeneous myometrial echotexture . Your uterus = 9 cm. Uterus is a vital organ in a woman’s body. Yoga breathing exercises, or pranayama, may produce similar benefits for uterine fibroids as visualization exercises. This may result in an enlarged uterus. Fibroids are very common - around 70-80 percent of women have fibroids by the time they're 50. According to pharmacist and complementary medicine expert Sherry Torkos in her book, "The Canadian Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine," stress management techniques, like breathing, help reduce the hormonal changes that can can worsen fibroid symptoms. Thickened uterine endometrium. jab ek Admi aur Aurat aaps me sambhog yane sex (mubashrat ) karte he to dono ki mani nikalti he. Treatment options include Meaning and definitions of uterus, translation in hindi language for uterus with similar and opposite words. Invetigation. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Uterus in Hindi dictionary? Uterus ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Uterus का हिंदी में मतलब ). Are you looking for the right Hindi meaning of anteverted through the best online dictionary? Here you find the exact Hindi definition of anteverted with proper example. Learn about the causes, symptoms and various treatment options one can choose A bulky uterus refers to the lining of the uterus looking thicker than normal. Endometrial hyperplasia Micrograph showing simple endometrial hyperplasia, where the gland-to-stroma ratio is preserved but the glands have an irregular shape and/or are dilated. Generous might be a better word. This means the uterine size is above the normal size of a uterus. The doctor has asked her to do some exercises and avoid load etc. Is Bulky uterus treatment your major concern? Solve your problem quick & easy with online consultation. According to the Centers for Disease  a female pt. Uterine fibroids grow within the muscles of the uterus, on the outside of the uterus, hang in the uterine cavity or very rarely form within the cervix. A bulky uterus signifies abnormal thickening of the innermost layer or endometrium of the uterus and can occur due to various reasons. They are: Adenomyosis is a condition that involves the movement (encroachment) of endometrial tissues, which normally line the uterus, into the muscles of the uterus. Medical Advice (Q&As) on “ Bulky Uterus With Cysts in Ovary ” Gaganpreet July 28, 2014 at 11:05 am. Know answer of question : what is meaning of Bulky in Hindi dictionary? Bulky ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Bulky का हिंदी में मतलब ). A tipped uterus is an anteverted uterus and in this case, it is tilted forward contrary to a retroverted uterus, which is tilted backward. Get your query answered 24*7 with Expert Advice and  14 मार्च 2019 “घर आकर मैंने fibroid meaning in hindi की तहकीकात नेट पर भी की, इन ही की तरह, फातिमा शेख के गर्भाशय (uterus) में भी  When the uterus is bulky, it is called as bulky uterus. Human translations with examples: பருமனான, கருப்பை, தமிழ் கருப்பை, பருமனான கருப்பை, bicornuate கருப்பை. A bulky uterus, a condition that is also called adenomyosis, occurs when the endometrial lining grows into the muscle of the uterus. Adenomyosis can cause menstrual cramps, lower शुभ समय में शुरु किया गया कार्य अवश्य ही निर्विघ्न रूप से संपन्न होता है। लेकिन दिन का कुछ समय शुभ कार्यों के लिए उपयुक्त नहीं माना जाता है जैसे राहुकाल। What is uterus mildly bulky means, and what are it's causes, it is curable or not?-A bulky uterus, a condition that is also calledadenomyosis, occurs when th Fibroids range in size from seedlings, undetectable by the human eye, to bulky masses that can distort and enlarge the uterus. 9 x 6. You can have a single fibroid or multiple ones. An anteverted uterus is considered to be in a normal position, according to BabyCenter, and it does not affect conception or pregnancy. Pelvic exam revealed a mass (guessed to be a fibroid). Bulky ovary means cyst mine is bulky they call it complex cyst. The common symptoms are as following: a) Abnormal menstrual cycle Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Treatment: The endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus. With diffuse involvement, the uterus becomes bulky and heavier. If the uterus enlarges because of reasons other than pregnancy, it is a serious condition and needs medical attention. Endometrial hyperplasia is a condition of excessive proliferation of the cells of the endometrium, or inner lining of the uterus. 830cm) is central in location and normal in structure A) There are several causes of the bulky uterus and the symptoms may differ based on the cause of it. The uterus is made up of two parts; namely the lower cervix and the upper body or fundus of the uterus. 1 मई 2019 Dainik Jagran Hindi News. bulky synonyms, bulky pronunciation, bulky translation, English dictionary definition of bulky. Rajasthan Ayurved University, Jodhpur INTRODUCTION Endometrial hyperplasia is cessive or abnormal thickening of the li ing of the uterus. 3mm to 5 week 5 days is seen endometrial cavity. The other day I went to the gyn for a yearly exam. R. An enlarged uterus My sonography results said that I had a bulky uterus and that’s when I heard the term adenomyosis for the first time. It forms the basis of female reproductive system. The typical finding is a bulky, irregular uterus or a mass in continuity with the uterus. only medicine can help me. The result said I had a bulky uterus. I am suffering from irregular menses, bulky uterus, with small cyst in ovary, along with watery discharge from my breast, which are a bit heavier than normal. but there is a complete cure to it today without surgery, do not be reluctant to speak with Dr. If not treated in time can affect the fertility in women. 2. A gravid uterus is a uterus during pregnancy. In this plane you should be able to assess the uterus, vagina and cervix. The tilting of the uterus can be either anteverted (tilted forward towards the bladder) or retroverted (tilted backwards toward the spine). Bachcha paida hone ke liye miya biwi (wife husband) ka milna yane sex karna zaroori hota he. aged 34yrs,with symptoms of dysmenorrhea & heavy bleeding, with usg report of bulky uterus,endometrial thickness 14mm, adenomyosis,what can  Per vaginal examination revealed bulky uterus size around twelve weeks. They can range in size from microscopic to several inches in diameter. You will see the effects in life for Endometriosis ,BULKY uterus. Tags for the entry "uterus" What uterus means in hindi, uterus meaning in hindi, uterus definition, examples and pronunciation of uterus in hindi language. That means if the uterus is bigger than normal size ( usually around 8× 4× 4 cms roughly is  Fibroids Causes · Heavy Menstrual Bleeding · Uterus Fibroid In Hindi · The Cause Of Fibroids · Family History Of Fibroids · Fibroid Uterus Treatment Naturally  24 जनवरी 2019 (Fibroids treatment in Hindi) यहाँ इस लेख में हमारे साथ जानिए यूट्रस फाइब्रॉएड (uterus fibroid) का इलाज पूरी तरह से  Aug 8, 2017 In this article, learn about enlarged uterus, how this condition is caused, the complications and risks associated with it, and the treatment  A uterine fibroid is the most common benign (not cancerous) tumor of a woman's uterus (womb). It may also be due to endometrial tumours, ovarian cysts etc. Please suggest a homeo remedy. Uterus is bulky in size 90* 60 * 55 mm . Another hypoechoic mass measuring 19* 20 mm is All that this means is that the ultrasound appearance of the uterus is not totally uniform. It is also called uterina myoma. Fluid in the uterus is a mildly serious medical condition that should be addressed in order to expel the fluid and allow the uterus to function normally. 4 cm and my endometrium is thickened measuring 1. Ayurvedic Medicine: Bulky Uterus may be due to VATA AND KAPHA -- DASHMOOLARISHTA may be beneficial for you. Just wondering if anyone has heard of such a thing or if anyone else has had this diagnosis. Zoom the image to assess and measure the endometrial thickness. What is the treatment for bulky uterus What is the treatment for bulky anteverted uterus with multiple fibroids All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. Saw heartbeat and everything looked perfect. hello ladies. Based on her symptoms and characteristics, the homeopathic remedy Sulphur was prescribed to her. Hope this reassures you that it's not necessarily anything to worry about. Scan sagitally in the midline immediately above the pubis. 4. A thickened endometrium may or may not be a normal finding, depending on various factors of a woman’s menstrual stage. In most of the cases it is benign in nature. There are a few conditions where a bulky uterus is associated with a cystic The ovaries are magnificent glands which are part of the female reproductive system. Jan 21, 2019 An enlarged uterus can affect women of all ages, and the reasons are usually benign (harmless) and will require monitoring but no treatment. polyp reaching into Cx canal ( 32 x 9 mm ) pedicle vessle well identified on doppler. A right adnexal mass may be a mass in the right ovary, tube or anywhere else in adnexa. 6 x 4. United States. A fetus usually receives nutritional support from its mother as it grows inside the womb. So doctor suggested for USG- abdomen & pelvis scan. What should I do? Query: Hello doctor, I do not have a cyst or severe bleeding, but my uterus is bulky as per the scan reports. My uterus is bulky, anteverted and deviated to the left, prominent and nodular. 1. " Important Yoga Asana In Fibroid : bulky uterus meaning in hindi - mild bulky uterus meaning in hindi - bulky gravid uterus meaning in hindi - bulky uterus meaning pregnancy in hindi - slightly bulky Define bulky. increase in uterus size occurs due to following causes. 80cm x 5. If your doctor confirms enlargement of uterus, there are some best natural tips and remedies to solve the problem naturally without any side effect. Adenomyosis used to be called "endometriosis interna," since it can look somewhat like endometriosis under the microscope . This was a middle aged (52 year) old female patient with back pain. Warm Regards, Aparna Pandey, +918840882614 There may be numerous reasons for the uterus to become swollen or enlarged with the most common reason being a uterine fibroid. they are such a common thing and more than likely benign so try not to worry. Reaves on treatment for bulky uterus: If you have lots of fibroids that makes you look like you are pregnant, then surgery is an option. so she done pregnancy test,it given negative result. large and cumbersome; massive; ponderous; unwieldy: The bulky package was hard to maneuver through the door. प्रमोटेड. It is usually asymptomatic, but some may experience  . के साथ पूरेे परिवार के हेल्थ खर्च पर भारी बचत सिर्फ Rs 99 में - अभी CT scan is not the investigation of choice for the characterization of pelvic masses. 79cm x 4. S. The two most common causes of heterogenous uterus are uterine fibroids, which are benign muscular growths in the uterine wall, and adenomyosis, which is a proliferation of the normal uterine glands into the muscular wall of the uterus. The trial drugs were pr . Hi! There is no need to be concerned. The uterus: structure, function and common problems What is the uterus? The uterus, referred to since Biblical times as the ‘womb’, is a very remarkable organ, capable of expanding to contain a full-grown baby and of shedding its lining up to 500 times during your life at the time of your monthly period. We very often see a bulky uterus on ultrasound. Leonard if you are having fibroid problem or My uterus is enlarged measuring 10. Uterine fibroids form in the childbearing years of a woman’s life. Tripathi B. Thus, it plays a pivotal role in the foundation of life. Degenerate fibroids may appear complex and contain areas of fluid attenuation. It rarely represents anything serious. She contacted doctor, she given deviry 5mg tablet twice a day for 5 days, after that period was not come. जानें गर्भाशय बच्चेदानी में रसौली फाइब्रॉएड के लक्षण, कारण, उपचार, इलाज, परीक्षण और परहेज के तरीकों के बारे में | Jane Garbhashay Bachedani me rasoli ya Uterine Fibroids Ke Karan, Lakshan, ilaj, Dawa Aur Upchar Hindi Me What is the meaning of a bulky,gravid and anteverted uterus measuring about 75mm in AP diameter with heterogenous myometrial echopattern. Uterus neoplasia. miya biwi (pati patni) ke milne se nikli ye mani jise hindi me virya "I was having the problem of Fibroid of uterus having size 33-19 mm with a ovarian cyst and all doctors and surgeons advised to operate immediately, but I took the course of Dr Anju Arya and after three months with diet plans, I recovered completely. com. thi,Asthtangahrdaya, Nirmala Hindi. In addition to pregnancy, there are many other reasons why a woman's uterus may The above is an ultrasound video clip of a case of bulky uterus seen in sagittal section. Dandelion leaf and root is believed to detoxify the liver and aids estrogen metabolism. What Is a "bulky Uterus"? Home Health Women's Health Reproductive Anatomy According to the Mayo Clinic, a bulky uterus, scientifically known as "adenomyosis," occurs when the tissue that typically lines the uterus grows instead into the muscular wall of the uterus. When the doctor went through my sheet she said about bulky uterus. Sepia, Lilium Tigrinum, Murex, Lappa Articuma, Fraxinus Americana, Podophyllum, Helonias and Rhus Tox are the top remedies. High levels of estrogen are responsible for What does bulky cervix mean 29 Jan 2013 21:08. Also find spoken pronunciation of uterus in hindi and in English language. pcod ke gharelu upchar, pcos home remedies in hindi, pcod problem in females, ramdev baba yoga for pcos in hindi, pcod problem treatment in ayurveda, pcod problem solution in homeopathy, pcod pregnancy, pcod meaning in marathi A total hysterectomy — the complete removal of the uterus (and leaves the ovaries in place) — is, so far, the only proven permanent solution for uterine fibroids, according to the Mayo Clinic Permanent Cure said. Adenomyosis is a gynecologic medical condition characterized by the abnormal presence of Adenomyosis may involve the uterus focally, creating an adenomyoma. e. This can happen to many women and in most cases is nothing to do with cancer. Its been 27 days since i started with doctors so all in all I guess been pretty quick. I went to the Dr's as had been lower abdominal pain on and off for about a year but had just put it down to ibs but Adenomyosis is a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus (the myometrium). The size of your uterus will vary depending on your age and other different factors. Bulky Uterus Hormone Treatment . Use herbs to manage heavy menstrual flow, improve uterine health and manage any pain you experience with bulky uterus with fibroids. Bulky uterus treatment in ayurveda All the information, content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only, and not a substitute for professional or medical advice. There are no medical problems associated with position. news; # national; # Endometrial Cancer; # Symptoms And Risk Factors Uterus Cancer; # HPJagranSpecial  Bulky Uterus is the generalised swelling of the uterus. It usually occurs after women have had children, and it disappears after menopause. . I'm According to the Mayo Clinic, the uterus may increase to double or triple its normal size with adenomyosis. A retroverted uterus is the name given to a uterus that is tilted backwards inside of the pelvis. These medicine are specially indicated for The cause of adenomyosis is unknown, although it has been associated with any sort of uterine trauma that may break the barrier between the endometrium and myometrium, known as the junctional zone, such as a caesarean section, surgical pregnancy termination, and any pregnancy. The incidence of uterine fibroids in Europe is thought to be lower than the incidence in the US. A woman with an unborn fetus developing inside her uterus goes through many changes as she carries her unborn child. Ashtanga Hridaya, Nirmala Hindi Commentary, Uttarasthana Verse 34 /6. I have a deformity at the dome of my bladder from the overlying uterus. A woman’s uterus undergoes several changes during her lifetime. To evaluate endometrial Bulky Uterus is A Leading Women's Uterus Disorders and Pregnancy Blog striving itself to deliver High Quality information to get relieved from all the uterin The inner lining of the uterus is called the endometrium, and the muscle wall of the uterus is called the myometrium. The average human pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Mar 29, 2015 Adenomyosis is a condition that affects the muscle of the uterus and is hypertrophy) and sometimes doctors use the term 'bulky uterus'. Bulky uterus is a common finding among middle aged menopausal women. Most commonly, the disease affects the back wall (posterior side) of the uterus. There are other possible causes of an enlarged uterus. It is different from a retroverted uterus which exhibits a backward tilt. Include Hormone tests, CBC, Ultrasound Uterus, Endometrial biopsy or pap smear. Some women may experience symptoms including painful sex. Hello doctor, I do not have a cyst or severe bleeding, but my uterus is bulky as per the scan reports. Also you may take Fibroid Uterus Ayurvedic Medicines,Shatavari Granules (Women Health Tonic) ,Baidyanath Ashokarishta Special. I have a pain in the lower abdomen and the left side of the stomach. Bulky uterus. However, this occurs within the muscle wall of the uterus, not on pelvic surfaces as does endometriosis. bulky uterus in hindi

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