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TransfHERmation is an exhilarating, multi-faceted summer program that empowers young girls to improve their self-awareness, self-love, and self-worth.  The TransfHERmation experience will enhance and reinforce what is being taught in households, classrooms, and on the playing fields.

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Through creative enrichment, mentoring, exploration, service, and project based learning opportunities we will expose your daughter to:

  • Entrepreneurship







Give your daughter a competitive advantage academically, socially, and professionally by ensuring that she is empowered to meet and overcome the societal challenges all too often encountered by women.

We build the female leaders of the future. There’s no denying that women are making huge contributions all across the globe in every area of human endeavors. It’s also no secret that women face unique challenges relative to crushing stereotypes and breaking through the proverbial glass ceiling.


TransfHERmation ensures that girls:

Embrace their femininity
Understand their power
Harness their creativity
Face their fears
Identify their strengths
Visualize their future

As a result your daughter will be equipped to tackle any personal, social, political, or professional challenges they may face in the future.




It’s a “TEE Party”!! On day one we encourage the girls to define their personal values, ethics, and morals. In this day and age of personal branding, it is important that young girls have a strong sense of who they are at an early age.

The girls will be broken into small teams. In these small groups they will develop an actual brand name, tagline, vision, and mission statement. Their brand will ultimately be a reflection of their collective value system.

They will be given tons of art supplies and access to technology. Utilizing the resources available to them and the time allotted, the girls will design a t-shirt utilizing their brand name. This activity is the foundation of the entire TransfHERmation experience. Throughout the camp they will be asked to utilize their core values as they make decisions about money management, diversity, conflict resolution, image, potential careers, and responsible citizenship.

During this activity the girls will be guided and encouraged by women that have found success in their lives by being values driven. This activity is fun, defining, and unforgettable! The music is pumping. The ideas are flowing. Aprons! Glitter! Paint! Glue guns! You get the picture…


Now that the girls have defined their brand names they are now ready to develop their products!

Utilizing raw materials, precise measurements, pressure, heat, and tons of other scientific principles the girls will have the option to develop the following:

  • Candles
  • Ice Cream
  • Lipstick
  • Lip Gloss
  • Perfume
  • Soap

This project teaches the girls:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • A blend of arts, physics, consumer science, mathematics, and ingenuity
  • Teamwork and conflict resolution
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Time management


Most parents have heard that this generation has been labeled the “entitlement generation”. Consumption! Consumption! Consumption! More! More! More!

Well, honestly we as adults are largely to blame. Young people have to be taught the value of a dollar through real world experiences. And even if you are teaching your daughter in the home, they need reinforcement from other credible sources.

Dollars and Sense provides young girls with a Reality Check (no pun intended…LOL).

During an interactive, real world simulation the girls will purchase:

  • Homes
  • Cars
  • Utilities
  • Appliances
  • Insurance
  • Entertainment
  • Vacations
  • Childcare
  • Education

They will also have to make financial decisions about:

  • Savings
  • Investing
  • Retirement
  • Emergency expenses
  • Charitable Contributions

This simulation teaches young girls the value of a dollar, the power of delayed gratification, and the difference between needs and wants.


No matter how educated, attractive, or wealthy your daughter becomes, according to the authors of “Better than Beauty: A Guide to Charm,” how they are perceived will be largely determined by good old fashioned manners and etiquette.

Unfortunately, with the emergence of social media and the lack of traditional family values in society, a polite and refined social demeanor is becoming a dying art.

On day 4 we focus on:

  • Courtesy and Respect
  • Gratitude
  • Table Manners
  • Public Behavior
  • Attire
  • Responsible use of Technology and Social Media


Critical to their success and quality of life will be their ability to make healthy lifestyle choices relative to:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Managing Stress
  • Friendships
  • Relationships
  • Hygiene

On day 5 we teach young ladies to prioritize their greatest asset which is their health.


Q: Is this camp for girls only?

A: Yes

Q: What age groups does the camp serve?

A: We have sessions for girls ages 7-10, 11-13, and 14-17. The camp curriculum and activities are modified to be age appropriate.

Q: Where is the camp hosted?

A: Home base for the camp is T. Simmons and Company which is located at 7047 Jefferson Hwy. We have a large conference room and kitchen which are both ideal to accommodate many of the interactive activities. However, we do partner with several businesses in the Towne Center and Bocage areas whereby the girls get to go off-site into different environments.

Q: What are your credentials?

A: Our camp coordinators have 17 years of experience in developing and implementing Positive Youth Development models. All of our simulations and modules are developed by certified teachers and/or successful entrepreneurs and STEM/STEAM professionals.  Our coordinators all have bachelors and/or masters degrees.

Q: How much does the camp cost?

A: $189
Plus $58 if you would like lunch included. However, this is optional, girls are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch each day.

Q: When is the camp offered?

A: June 20-24, 2016

  • 7-10 years olds
  • 11-13 years olds


     July 11-15, 2016

  • 14-17 years olds


     July 25-29

  • 7-10 year olds
  • 11-13 year olds

Q: What are the camp hours?

A: The camp hours are 8:30am–4:30pm.
Extended day is available until 5:30pm for an additional fee upon request.

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Quintina Ricks: Accountant by trade, event designer by passion, youth developer by purpose.

I’ve been fortunate enough to experience success through the grace of God and the support of a few powerful mentors; one being my dear mother. As a single mother she worked tirelessly to ensure that I had the education, social experiences, and spiritual guidance to develop into a strong woman. But even with her guidance and love my growth did not come without some painful lessons along the way regarding relationships, finances and self love.

I believe that girls are a special gift from God and they should be nurtured as such. That’s what drives my passion for TransfHERmation. Our mission is to support the social, academic and professional growth of young girls. Our vision is for them to become empowered leaders in their communities. We provide a program that promotes entrepreneurship, etiquette, financial literacy, and self-esteem. While I’ve had a great deal of success in business, TransfHERmation is the brand that I’m most proud to be a part of. (Read more...)

My path to this point has been very non-traditional but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t change a thing. All of my education and experiences in corporate America and private business have prepared me to develop and mentor these young ladies.

My degrees are in accounting. Yes, can you believe that? LOL. I have a master’s degree in accounting and an extensive background in developing and implementing accounting information systems in both large corporate settings, and also for small business owners. However, I was never the prototypical blue suited accountant with glasses at the end of my nose. My strength was and still is my creativity and problem solving abilities.

But even while building a successful career I always aspired to do other things creatively. Side-note: If you’re reading this, always be willing to take a chance on your dreams and follow your passion. The bible says that our gifts make room for us and I firmly believe that.

In 2004 I broke away from corporate America and started my own accounting practice, Ten40 Solutions. I forged a partnership that allowed us to grow to serve hundreds of families and small to medium sized businesses.

Then in 2010 I decided to add to my portfolio by launching Flare Event Design.
I enjoy accounting and I happen to be pretty good at it but I absolutely live, eat, and breathe event design. I see the world through textures, colors and symmetrics. There’s nothing more exhilarating to me than seeing a group of people convened in a stimulating space, immersed in good food, entertainment and conversation. There’s something about bringing a client’s vision to life that enriches my life.

But similar to most entrepreneurs, I’m stimulated by new ideas and launching new businesses. I absolutely love mentoring young girls and helping them to navigate what can often be a pretty crazy world. So for the last 3 years I’ve been researching and working on TransfHERmation in my spare time. I couldn’t be more excited about the launch and I’m looking forward to providing these girls with an unforgettable, life changing experience!

Stronger Girls! Stronger World!




is a collaborative effort between:

Kwin Concepts

Cre8 Baton Rouge

Ten40 Solutions

Flare Event Design

Communication YOUniversity

T. Simmons & Company

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